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    First Look: Visible Bra Straps


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    First Look: Visible Bra Straps Empty First Look: Visible Bra Straps

    Post  shikha on Sat May 21, 2011 12:00 am

    First Look: Visible Bra Straps Show_image A film with the title Visible Bra Straps is bound to grab the eyeballs. Add to that the bit that it’s a story of two lonely women and you already have the curiosity sparked.

    The film stars Indian model Reeth and foreign actress Petra Khruz in principal roles.

    Directed by Ajitesh Sharma, the film is an Indo-Italian collaboration. It is a story of two women: A young Italian corporate professional Sandra (Petra Khruz) and a young Indian college student Sanjana (Reeth).

    Sandra has lost her job and Sanjana has lost her love. Their solitude brings them together, not in person but in virtual, through web chat. They are entirely different as individuals; their cultures and way of lives are poles apart. It is their difference that connects them more and more. Sandra is shocked to see how Sanjana can restrict herself to constraints, which seems so ridiculous to her. Sanjana is equally shocked to see the joy Sandra finds in her own body.

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